Vulnerable VMs for OSCP

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  1. hi... i am interested. SO whats the plan...

  2. Great @insaida ! I did some of these - some years back, but it will be good to do them again.

    @Josh You could start with setting your pentest environment. Do you have vmware installed on your PC?
  3. Yes I do....
  4. Perfect. Install Kali Linux on your vmware - that would serve as your "Attacking machine".

    Then, you can download any of the vulnhub OS. Which one would you like to start with?
  5. I would say we begin in the sequence stated. as in the number one.... Where do i find the vulnhub OS from the link. using the first one as a case study. (1. Kioptrix: Level 1 (#1),22/)
  6. upload_2017-3-3_16-41-15.png

    Find the screenshot attached. Download and open the vm image in your vmware.
  7. done. upload_2017-3-3_14-29-49.png upload_2017-3-3_14-29-49.png
  8. Perfect. Logically - you are meant to attack from your Kali linux. Open your kali linux and start by doing "netdiscover -r YourIpAddress" . That way, you would know the IP address of the kioptrix system. Use this as a walkthrough guide . Let me know if you get stuck.
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  9. @InfosecShinobi Awesome man. I started this on last night.

    I was actually thinking of having a remote pentest env on AWS. What are your thoughts?

    @Josh We can compare notes. Lets get hacking.
  10. @insaida It makes sense. Do you mean a victim environment or an attackers environment? If it's the later, I know Kali linux is now available on AWS.
  11. I am in @insaida. Getting my notes ready following the gudelines from @InfosecShinobi

  12. You have what it takes already. Have a go at the kioptrix you downloaded
  13. thanks for the Vulnhub VM, 1.1 and 1.2 down

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