Nexpose Vs. Tenable?

Discussion in 'Penetration Testing' started by Kofi, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Howdy folks. I'm getting ready to start a bake off between Tenable SecurityCenter and Nexpose. This is for my company. The company has branch offices all over the country with a wide range of bandwidth all connected via VPN. The company also has a number of remote workers that are reachable via Direct Access.

    Any tips on things to be on the look out for with either of these products? Warnings, recommendations, war stories, etc... all greatly appreciated.

  2. Nexpose user here - previously tenable. Reporting is far superior in Nexpose and they also offer sql query exports so you can really get just the info you want. The UI is better, the sorting of assets into sites and groups is easier and overall the product performs better.

    Setting up scan engines is pretty straight forward and if you are using their prebuilt OVA it takes a few minutes. I don't use ubuntu on my nix servers so I just install via the bins and instructions on the support site. There's maybe 2 extra steps I have to do that are basic so it's still only a few min install and pairing back to the management console.

    Something very important to note - if you run scans on redhat servers without credentials you will get a ton of false positives. The scan engines don't understand how backported patching works and so they report stuff out of version. However, if you setup credentials (I configure them via ssh keys) all of the false positives go away.

    I love nexpose.

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